Corporate Social Responsability

An essential part of our core philosophy is our fundamental belief that by investing in African businesses, we can provide employment and improve working conditions through the supply of new capital and new ways of management. As the purchasing power increases in the communities in which we operate and in Africa as a whole, it is our firm conviction that this will also improve the quality of life. We are aware that our actions can transform many lives in a positive way and to change the world vision of Africa.

We also understand that Africa’s rapid growth is raising significant issues from an environmental perspective and that we need to address this for the long-term subsistence of the continent. Issues such as intense urbanization, the increase in infrastructure projects and the extraction of natural resources must be coordinated and conducted within the framework of established international regulations and “best practices” to protect the environment. We reiterate our commitment to act in a sustainable manner to protect natural resources, maintain biodiversity, and preserve the balance of nature in Africa.

Business Standards


We strive for excellence in the services we offer. Our client’s satisfaction is our number one priority. Every assignment is undertaken with great care and commitment. Substantial time is spent on it, in order to fulfil all the aspects of a client’s contractual requirements. Our approach to work is disciplined and rigorous.


Integrity in what we do is important to us. It is the only way to be proud of our behavior towards clients. We expect our employees to have the highest ethical standards in their work, abide by our instructions and take responsibility for what they do.


While we respect the conventional approach of doing business and respect the traditions and values of the people in the countries in which we operate, we also encourage new business practices that improve our efficiency. Our organization is established in a way to gather and implement new ideas from our workforce. Our people are free to voice their opinions in the workplace. We encourage innovative spirit and maintain passion for our daily work.