Investment Approach

K&A is dedicated to add value to the potential of African companies. We acquire middle market companies that we in turn develop to create value for our limited partners.

We pursue an investment strategy based on two pillars. First, we support businesses driven by strong domestic consumption. Second, we target middle market companies with unique features that give them a strong competitive advantage.

Our investment objective is to offer our limited partners a Gross Internal Return Rate of Return of 25 % per year, which converts to 18% net (after fees).

Our Participations

K&A is the first New York based investment company that is focused exclusively on African businesses. The firm was established to serve African businesses, to support their investments, to develop their competitiveness, and to create opportunities for them.

K&A Diamond Trading Company (DTC)

K&A DTC is the diamond trading company of K&A Private Equity, LLC. With activities in sorting, valuing and exporting of rough diamonds, K&A DTC is a Congolese based company with multinational clienteles such as Windiam, Julius Klien and Rio Tinto Diamonds.

Mining sources:
  • Tshikapa
  • Cafunfo
  • Mbuji Mayi

Sales 2014 : $ 6 000 000

Transphoenix SPRL

Lead road transportation company in Congo, Transphoenix is the latest acquisition of K&A Private Equity. With an impressive fleet and more than a hundred employees, Transphoenix provides land transportation services to gasoline distribution shop and construction companies in DRC.

Sales 2014 : $ 3 000 000