K&A made the choice to work exclusively with African companies, because we have master the business practices on the African continent.

With more than a decade in Africa’s finance and in the mining industry, our team brings vast experience in valuation methodologies and management technics. We know how to look for the best investment opportunities and we can deliver return.

K&A’s competitive advantage lies in our deep knowledge of the mining industry, which makes up more than fifty percent of our portfolio, the agribusiness and the construction industries.

Throughout the years, we have built strong ties will local managers and engineers; created close relationships with local workers; and developed an unparalleled network of regional decision makers. Today, these resources are a priceless source of local intelligence for our research team.

Key Differentiation

K&A’s innovative approach differs from that adopted by other traditional private equity funds and other African private equity funds.

Compared to traditional private equity funds:

  • Invest exclusively in African countries
  • Do not use leveraged funds to make acquisitions
  • Always acquire a majority participation
  • Target middle market companies

Compared to other African private equity funds, we :

  • Focus on 3 sectors (Mining, Construction, Agribusiness)
  • Focus on business development, to sell to other funds
  • Have high expertise in mineral properties valuation
  • Created an unparalleled network among Africa decision makers

Deal Flow

K&A deals with privileged transactions, over other potential acquirers. We benefit from essential information thanks to our local presence developing longstanding relationships with local communities.

We have more than 15 agents permanently implemented throughout the continent:

  • Abidjan (IVORY COAST)
  • Accra (GHANA)
  • Luanda (ANGOLA)
  • Casablanca (MOROCCO)
  • Tunis (TUNISIA)
  • Alger (ALGERIA)
  • Lome (TOGO)
  • Adis Abeba (ETHIOPIA)
  • Johannesburg (S.AFRICA)
  • Kinshasa (CONGO)
  • Nairobi (KENYA)

We also take advantage of strong partnerships with local African recruiting firms, such as Africsearch, and use an extensive network of contacts in Africa, thanks to our senior advisers who are known and respected.

Furthermore, our internal research team constantly looks for potential targets: collecting information, gathering studies, data, and analysis about the African economic situation.

Through our close relationship with the African continent we have acquired a deep knowledge of the local opportunities, and developed strong ties with respected and reliable African partners. This enhances our ability to identify preferred acquisitions that fall within our investment strategy and fit our business objectives.