K&A is a Private Equity firm that provides investment opportunities to investors interested in African Businesses. Based in New York, K&A is the first Wall Street firm with deep roots in the mining, construction and agribusiness industries in Africa. Investing with K&A Private Equity is investing with highly qualified African born managers with a clear vision of the globalization of the world economy.

We, the firm’s partners, strongly believe, as the Wall Street Journal said, that “Africa is the last frontier for growth investors”. We are convinced that African countries have the brightest economic prospects for the coming years and that, due to our profound knowledge of the socio-cultural, political and economic context in Africa, we have a competitive advantage when it comes to operating in those markets.

New York is the world’s leading financial centre for alternative investments and private equity. But most of the investments in Africa involve Americans, European, and Asian companies. We offer American investors the opportunity to invest in solid African businesses with a partner that has proper business insight, while offering African entrepreneurs a partnership solution suited for their development.


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